Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to paint BUFFALO CHECK PLAID on Mason Jars

Am I the only one who feels sad to see all the Christmas  Decorations put away? The house looks so empty. I decided to leave out some items like the Buffalo Check Plaid Jars on  the mantel and the plaid throws on the sofa. I am thinking it looks like winter dĂ©cor.

I added an early Valentine's sign too.
This is an easy project. No need to worry about straight's what you need.

Any glass jar, I used a pint jar
White Chalk paint, you can use Acrylic but the chalk will stick to the glass
Black Acrylic paint, Grey Acrylic paint. I used Pewter Grey.
A foam or bristle  1 '' brush and a smaller brush for detail work.

Paint the outside of your jar with the chalk paint and let dry.

Next you will be painting the vertical stripes. I painted 5 stripes about 1'' thick with about 1'' space between each stripe. The stripes don't need to be perfect, messy is fine.

Then add the horizontal stripes. I started under the rim near the lip of the jar. Stripes are 1'' with 1'' of space between.

It starts to look like plaid but the real magic begins with the next step.
Now you use the black paint and a small brush to come back over all the places where the stripes cross over each other. Isn't that amazing!
After your jar is dry, you can fill with fresh flowers like I did and add some ribbon if you prefer.
I just tied some jute around the top. If you have it you can seal with clear wax or matte spray sealer but it is not necessary.
I hope you like this project!

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